Jacqueline Breslin

Jacqueline’s interest in health and nutrition began 30 years ago, working weekends in an independent wholefood store as she completed her business degree.  On graduating she focused on a corporate career in aerospace and then the computer industry.  Leaving corporate life behind in 2000, she established a private counselling practice in St Albans whilst also working as a coach for HR consulting group Penna.

Alongside her corporate career, Jacqueline  pursued her interest in health developing skills in coaching, counselling, Heartmath and now nutrition.

Jacqueline’s skills and experience mean she is able to support individuals and organisations identify and realise their goals.  Modern life is demanding and simple nutrition and lifestyle modifications can go a long way to maintaining and improving health and performance.


Scientific research into the role of nutrition in health and wellbeing is a continuously evolving area and one of the reasons why it can be so confusing!  Jacqueline continues to extend her professional knowledge and experience by regularly attending seminars and courses to understand the clinical relevance of the latest research.  She recently completed the world-renowned Institute for Functional Medicine’s, Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice programme.

Jacqueline is a member of The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT)  – a professional body for Registered Nutrition Practitioners and is fully insured to practice.