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What to expect?

A bespoke health plan to support your journey to optimal health and wellness

Before we meet…

In preparation for your consultation you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and a 5 day food diary.  The idea is to get an idea of what you typically eat, when you eat (or don’t!), what you drink, how often etc.  There’s no judgement, we need you to be comfortable with sharing what’s going on – it’s really helpful information.

As part of this process you’ll let me know of any  medications, supplements or herbs you’re currently taking or may have recently stopped.  In addition, if you have any recent blood tests results these can also be very helpful.

Prior to our first consultation I will have thoroughly reviewed this information to be fully prepared to make the most of our time together.

Initial Consultation

We begin by establishing your aims – what would you like to be different?  

Much of our time will be spent exploring your health story and charting it out from birth to today.  We take a non-judgemental look at your diet, explore any cravings or eating patterns that may not be supporting your best health. We’ll also look at lifestyle factors that contribute to or detract from your overall sense of wellness & well-being;  work patterns, exercise, relaxation, sleep, family responsibilities etc.  

This may sound tedious but often uncovers vital information.  We’ll spend much of your initial consult making sure I really understand this – how you got to where you are today helps us formulate your personalised plan.

With your aims clear, we’ll discuss the principles of your plan.   It’s important you understand why suggestions are being made and how they relate to your aims.  For your plan to work, you need to be confident it’s achievable.  Food is always our starting point, if testing or supplements would be helpful this would be explained and discussed with you. 

The key to our success is that you’re comfortable you understand why suggestions are being made and you’re happy the plan is both realistic and achievable.

Following your consultation you will receive a your personalised nutrition plan with agreed next steps.

Follow up Consultation

After approximately 6 weeks we’ll meet to review how you’ve got on and review test results (if any were requested).  You’ll let me know what worked well, what you enjoyed and if there’s anything that needs to be adjusted. I’ll use this new information to review the plan we had and make appropriate alterations.  Once again, for you to successfully achieve your goals you need to understand what you’re doing and why it’s important.

Most importantly you need to be happy you have everything you need to embrace the plan designed to support your optimal health.



Anything discussed in the session, together with paper notes, are kept confidential and not discussed without your consent.